trayvon martin's mother sybrina fulton*The Trayvon Martin case is turning out to be a bit more complicated than most anticipated.

The autopsy report revealed that the 17-year-old teen who was gunned down in Stanford, Fla. by an armed neighborhood watchman in February, had THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, in his blood.

The report was included in the piles of evidence in the case and released by prosecutors.

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Other new details in the case include reports of the suspect sustaining minor injuries the night of the fight.

As we reported, photos reveal George Zimmerman had a 1-inch laceration on his head and forehead abrasion, including a bloody nose.

The suspect told police that night that he did not have any other bruises or cuts, but his back hurt.

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A huge question lingering in the case is whether or not the shooter was actually injured during the altercation. Zimmerman claims he was defending himself only because Martin, who was unarmed, allegedly attacked him.

Other evidence released by the prosecution includes 911 calls, video and several documents.

The evidence was released to the public Thursday.


  • Stephanie Reply

    I don’t even think this should be an issue since they never test Zimmerman to see what was in his system!

    • NYCsoul Reply

      Hello? That’s what I’m talking about! Zimmerman’s dumb ass was probably high on arrogance, stupidity and racism. This guy needs to fry for what he did.

    • MelodyCool Reply

      The murderer reminds me of Rush Limbaugh so it wouldn’t surprise me if it turns out he’s used forged prescriptions like Rush and Jeb Bush’s daughter for hillybilly heroin etc etc etc. Can’t believe they didn’t test this mofo the night of the murder.

  • Gayle K Reply

    Zimmerman is Latino. Since when did Latinos become the darling child for America? Latinos are also victims of poverty and discrimination and racial profile.

    • musbdherbs Reply

      that’s a very good observation. I imagine that most of those in support of Zimmerman (white right-leaning) are also those who would deny his family members the opportunity to live here in the US as well as deny aid for hiss relatives to attend college.

      So it’s really a case of contradictions.

    • NYCsoul Reply

      And they can be racists too, just like you gayle. You really have nothing else to say so you are just throwing up all kinds of nonsense for attention. Nobody is targeting Latinos so what you are saying is making no sense nor, as usual, add anything to conversation.

      • Renegade Reply

        NYC…Gayle is just attempting to kick up mess because she is a racist who makes junk up for controversy. Her game has been peeped.

      • Gayle K Reply

        I’m just offering a different prospective. Don’t get so entrenched in racism that you miss the opportunity to enlightened. I’m reading comments that mention that white folks are racist and that Trayvon is black. I’m simply saying lets note that Zimmerman is Latino. Why focus more on the opinion of others and not the facts?

        • musbdherbs Reply

          Why focus more on the opinion of others and not the facts?

          Which was my point to you when you excused the facts and instead focused on your opinion of Trayon’s supposed “drug use”

          • Gayle K

            What was found in his system? That is a fact whether it’s relevant or not is for another day.

    • MelodyCool Reply

      What difference does being ‘half’ latino mean? You proudly drag your biases straight across the border as referenced in every study detailing your racist history. All anyone has to do is research the treatment of Blacks and the indigenous people in latin America to know exactly what I’m getting at. They even target Black latinos and it’s beginning to play out in this country now.



      August 24, 2004 — Dominicans are being shafted by their Puerto Rican bosses at Cablevision, a discrimination lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court yesterday charges.

      Marino Javier, a black Dominican sales representative at Cablevision’s Bronx office, said he was fired after complaining about mistreatment by his bosses who are Puerto Rican.

      He said Dominican women also have been fired after complaining of bias.

      “Managers and co-workers alike have been heard to utter racist epithets and derogatory racist comments regarding Dominicans and blacks,” Javier alleges in court papers.

      The suit charges that Cablevision and two Puerto Rican managers in particular “target Dominicans, especially black Dominicans, and deny them promotions.”

      Javier said he received good job ratings when he started in 1999, but he ran into problems after complaining to the personnel department about discrimination and racial slurs made by supervisors about a South Asian man as well as Dominicans.

      “Mr. Javier was never terminated until he complained of discrimination, but instead received numerous accolades regarding his work, and he was not treated as other Caucasians were, including Caucasian Hispanics of Puerto Rican descent,” the suit charges.

      Cablevision officials in The Bronx could not be reached for comment.

  • Gayle K Reply

    Melody you my dear is an idiot. Do you even know the history between Dominicans and Puero Ricans? If you don’t go somewhere and sit down. And stop pulling up the first random article you see to make a fruitless point.

    • musbdherbs Reply

      Uhm, Gayle, you said (as fact) that Trayvon was suspended over his “drug use.” Now that I’ve asked of you the same as you’ve asked of everyone else (let’s focus on facts not opinion), you now say that his suspension over drug use (something YOU brought up as relevant) is matter for another day.

      That begs the obvious question, soooooooo, why did you bring it up…since it was not a fact.

      • bigruss Reply

        Maybe Gayle misspoke about the suspension for drug use however, he was suspended for possession of drug residue. Why is this relevant? Well, as for the public narrative that Zimmerman killed an innocent little kid is what really got the emotions high is now debunked. All we saw was old pics of him and everybody got all pissed off. The facts begs a much different narrative. As far as innocence or guilt in a court of law, time will tell. Like I mentioned a long time ago this is another Duke LaCrosse case all over again.

        • MelodyCool Reply

          bigruss, regardless of everything you said…Trayvon should not have died at the hands of a hot headed murderer that night. Folks act like Blacks have to be saints in order to receive proper justice…yet all the filth attached to his killer is swept into the background. So WHAT about the initial photos of Trayvon…have you seen ALL the rest and not just the one of him kidding around for the camera in his room?

          • bigruss

            My point is rather simple. The initial outrage was based on a biased narrative.

        • Reds Reply

          “Well, as for the public narrative that Zimmerman killed an innocent little kid is what really got the emotions high is now debunked.”

          The end justifies the means. Zimmerman was about to literally get away with murder by virtue of his race, the race of the victim and the connections of his father.
          The only way to get him arrested was with a loud public outcry. So if using a younger photo of Trayvon was what it takes, then so be it.

          And what are you implying with the use of the word ‘innocent?”
          What crime was Trayvon guilty of committing?

          There was no justification for his killing. That’s why the investigator assigned to the case wanted Zimmerman arrested for negligible homicide. And this is after knowing all the details of the case, including Trayvon’s justifiable attempt to stand his ground.

          • bigruss

            Reds your argument is all over the place. However, sticking with my point on the narrative there could have been public outcry with the truth. Based on your argument people need to be lied to to get amped up. That is dishonest and retarded.

        • Reds Reply

          Sure. That’s easier than to address the points which invalidated your argument.
          We all know how reluctant justice is when it comes to white on black crime. But if you want to act as if that is not the case, then suit yourself.

        • musbdherbs Reply

          Well no. There was evidence that a person is dead. There was no evidence that the woman was raped. So it isn’t “another” Duke case.

          Further, the fact that he used herb makes him no less innocent than had been suggested. You would have somewhat a valid argument had drugs been suspected as the reason Trayvon (a kid) was walking.

          I think your desire to prove that he wasn’t “innocent” and use herb use as justification for why he wasn’t says more about the bias you have than that of others. By all accounts, he was INNOCENT because he was walking exactly where he was supposed to, doing exactly what he was supposed to have been doing, and armed with candy and iced tea. In every other court of law and public opinion (of those not predisposed to dismissing claims of black male you) Trayvon would be characterized as ‘innocent”

          Nice try Russ

          • music101

            Right on musbdherbs!!!! It goes back to what Melody was saying and Zimmerman didn’t know if Trayvon was a Rhodes Scholar or a drug addict, he say a black boy and because of other incidences in the neighborhood then Trayvon was up to no good.

  • Reds Reply

    Zimmerman is Latino.

    Gayle, I know you’re tripping. Did you forget this is the EUR, and not some fake politically correct MSM crap?
    Don’t insult black people’s intelligence. Everybody, including you, knows that Latinos can be even more racist than whites towards blacks. And they do not suffer from anywhere near the discrimination reserved for blacks.

    • MelodyCool Reply

      “And they do not suffer from anywhere near the discrimination reserved for blacks.”


      They shake hands, fall in line with the devil and actually enforce racist directives from them. I’m so glad they’re being exposed and brought to justice for illegal activities against Blacks in my area.

  • MelodyCool Reply

    “…is an idiot.”

    @ Gayle,

    LOL!!!!! This is why even the Dream Act should never be passed.

  • smitdawg Reply

    Nowadays…nothin’ surprises me. I’m numb to this stupid media bullshit. The facts are right there in our faces just like Rodney King! When all is said and done, and when all the smoke clears, I expect this fool to go free. But it’s gonna be hard for him to go outside after that,…so, it’s just like he’ll be in prison anyway. **shrugs shoulders**

  • Gayle K Reply

    @ bigruss. Thank you. Clearly the people posting here have never been on a jury and I pray that they don’t. Do I think Zimmerman should be in jail, yes. Is Zimmerman going to jail, no. All the circumstances that sound this case is too muddy to figure out.

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