trayvon martin's parents*Fighting for justice has become a full time job for the mother of slain Florida teen, Trayvon Martin.

Sybrina Fulton has been on the road raising awareness about her son’s death and campaigning for justice, but her job is in jeopardy.

So a few of her co-workers stepped in and pooled over $40,000 of vacation time to donate to their grieving and fighting peer.

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Now Fulton can work full time for eight months demanding her son’s death be avenged through the court.

The outpouring of support came after the Miami-Dade County Commission passed a resolution last month to allow county employees to donate vacation time to Fulton or Trayvon’s aunt, Yolanda Knight Evans, who works for the county as a water and sewer customer-service representative.

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After just two-weeks of passing the resolution, the $50,000 cap the commission set on the gifts was reached, The Miami Herald reports.

Further, Martin’s parents have joined forces to raise awareness about the controversial ‘Stand Your Ground’ law via a non-profit organization they launched only a week after their son’s death.

According to the attorney who helped set up the foundation, the pair will begin to receive an income from the work they are doing in the community, but it will be at the same level of their current salary.