tre' thomas*Tré Thomas is on a roll and doesn’t plan to slow it down any time soon.

The gospel singer is going to blow audiences away this Sunday (May 20)  for a first class Gospel Brunch event at The Hamilton in Washington, D.C.

There, he will perform songs from his latest project, “Finally,” released in March. The 10-track album showcases the smooth-voiced crooner at a new level of maturity, building on the sounds and content of his 2008 debut, “A Natural Contrast.” The revealing sophomore album demonstrates Thomas’ desire to establish a deeper connection with his fans, and also to carry out his ongoing mission – spreading the message of love.

“The new album means the world to me,” Thomas said. “I’m able to be transparent to the point where people see another side of me—the vulnerable side. It’s an opportunity to share my heart and actually connect with my listeners. Hopefully they will hear my heart, and want to know and experience the kind of love that I’m singing about.”

Since becoming a breakout artist on “Bobby Jones Gospel” in 2011, Thomas has earned respect in the Gospel industry and won the hearts of thousands. He’s been given opportunities to explore and expand his music career and he’s thankful.

“I hope that my fans will begin to learn that yes, I have a talent to share with the world, but I also want to use that same platform to pour back into my community and affect change,” Thomas said. “I hope my fans understand that my heart is focused on communicating the idea of love–whether it’s through my music, my radio show or my community efforts. It’s all about love.”

By the way, the brunch at the Hamilton will consist of an all-you-can-eat buffet, complete with breakfast options and fine southern dishes. For ticket information, contact 202.787.1000 or visit For artist information, visit