usher*Usher is keeping his image fresh with new, inventive ways to catch the fans’ attention.

Recently, the singer debuted a few songs from his latest album by dancing to it on an off-Broadway play, “Fuerza Bruta: Look Up.”

“Fuerza Bruta” is the fast-paced and acrobatic play in which the audience stands as performers dance and jump around on the walls, onstage and on the floor with the crowd, says the Associated Press.

The singer started things off as the show’s leading “Running Man,” starting off on a treadmill, bursting through a paper wall to his song “Climax” blasting in the background.

The play definitely incorporated a few other hits, including lyrics like, “It’s raining inside your bed.” He debuted a total of 12 songs Friday night.

“Looking for Myself” will be released on June 12.