usher*Usher certainly showed up and showed out for his one night only appearance in the off-Broadway show, “Fuerza Bruta.”

The singer worked his butt off to give his audience a real show as the play’s lead, “Running Man,” and even gave a preview to his June 12 album “Looking 4 Myself.”

So just like any other show, the singer had to be conditioned to dance. But he also had to add some running, jumping and tumbling for his part on stage.

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He shared in a interview with MTV his new found appreciation for theater, saying it gives a visual to his music.

“It’s not often that you’re able to give somewhat of a visual or an emotional kind of basis of what your songs mean,” he said. “A lot of times we’re running thorough life and were trying to find ourselves, and I feel like that was somewhat of what the messaging was with the show, but it was really artistic.

“This is more artistic an album than I’ve had in history and I felt like, yeah, it would be a physical challenge, yeah it would be a lot for me, but [I want to] at least try it,” he added. “There are many times I’d seen the show and I’d only hoped that I would make it happen. It looked it really hard, they made it look easy, but it was obviously hard. But, of course, I’ve been training and it came at a perfect time.”

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He works hard for the fans he admitted.

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