*On Monday’s broadcast of “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg delivered a stern personal message for someone during the Hot Topics segment.

During the show’s Hot Topics segment, Goldberg said she experienced an extended moment of panic while vacationing with her family when two of her granddaughters wandered off. For 20 long minutes, Whoopi said she could not find her granddaughters – and as she panicked, a group she referred to as “the peanut gallery” kept pestering her for an autograph.

Goldberg said she tried to be nice and keep her cool, but one member of the “peanut gallery” said something to her that pushed her over the edge.

“I said [to the man] something dirty and nasty and ugly and foul,” Goldberg said, “because I was outraged…he sees we’re in a panic.” Goldberg said the man felt terrible because he didn’t realize she was looking for her grandchildren and profusely apologized. Goldberg also apologized for acting out of character. Goldberg’s granddaughters, who went to get pizza, returned safe and sound.

As Goldberg turned to leave, she spotted a man filming the entire incident on his iPhone. “What pissed me off more than anything is with…all the panic that was happening, not once did that guy put the phone down and ask, ‘Can I help?'”

Speaking directly to the man with the iPhone, Goldberg said, “So now I guess you may make a couple bucks off of it from TMZ but because you did it—” Goldberg then gave him a chin flick.

Watch below.