Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith take in a tennis match during the 2012 Madrid Mutua Open while in town to attend the premiere of 'Men in Black 3.'.

*It just so happened that interviews for “Men in Black 3” and TNT’s reboot of “Dallas” were held on the same day earlier this month, and who knew that Will Smith is not only a huge fan of all things South Fork, but actually viewed the show’s characters and their extreme wealth as inspiration.

The “MIB3” star brought up his love for “Dallas” without knowing that interviews for TNT’s new version – with Linda Gray (who played Sue Ellen) and Patrick Duffy (Bobby Ewing) – were just hours away across town. Listen below.

Later that day…Linda Gray was informed that she has a famous fan.

“Oh my God! You’re kidding?,” she screamed, when told that Smith mentioned her out of the blue during his “MIB3” roundtable. With a huge smile, she whispered in disbelief, “Will Smith watched ‘Dallas!’”

"Dallas" circa 1979: (L-R) Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray

And the new “Dallas,” premiering June 13 from 9-11 p.m. on TNT (with the original theme song), will not disappoint those of us who were addicted to the first series.  [Scroll down to watch the trailer.] The two-hour pilot focuses on Bobby’s son Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe), who was a just baby when the series ended its 13-season run in 1991. Today, he’s an international businessman interested in moving his family’s oil business into green technology.  He’s at odds with his cousin, J.R.s son John Ross (Josh Henderson), who wants to keep drill-baby-drilling…and on South Fork, against the wishes of late family matriarch Miss Ellie.

Gray says fans of the original “Dallas” can rest assured that she, nor Patrick Duffy or Larry Hagman (J.R. Ewing), would’ve agreed to participate in TNT’s continuation if the pilot script had not been solid.

“I read the first script twice, because I usually read it for the big picture [first], and then I dissect it – How does it feel? Do I feel it’s right? Does it have all the right elements? Have they treated it with respect?,” Gray said. “And all those things were right, but I thought – JR has his character, Bobby has his character, but what are they doing with Sue Ellen? So I was very concerned.”

Sue Ellen reemerges only briefly in the pilot script, and gives her son John Ross the cryptic message, “I’ll be your ally.” So Gray had lunch with the show’s co-writer and executive producer Cynthia Cidre to find out where she planned to take Sue Ellen during TNT’s ten episode season.

Gray gives us the scoop in the audio below. [Scroll down to watch the trailer.]