*One of the landmark moments of our young lives is our prom.

Whether it’s elementary school or high school, young boys and girls across the country look forward to this more than anything in their schools.

But the stress of a prom isn’t just about who you’re taking, but also, what you’re wearing. While there are those who hit the nail right on the head, we have some mistakes like the one we saw above.

Our partner site MadameNoire recently created a list of the worst prom outfits of all-time.

Check out the first picture on the list below.

The “I Tried to Be Creative But Failed” Outfits

Who needs a prom dress when you can wear a prom capri outfit? And why not take cut outs to the next level? You can tell these individuals wanted to be creative and stand out. They sure do! But NOT for the right reasons. Please go back to the drawing board kids…

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