Dr. Rosie Milligan

 *Hey, you Bible-toting Christians, what are you leaving for your children’s children?The Bible says that you should leave them something. If  you are going to eat from the Bible’s plate—eat it all. It’s shameful that each generation has to start out with nothing, especially in a society where money determines one’s fate. Start today making money and family security a priority—save something. When Jesus said, “The poor you will have with you always,” He was not telling you to be poor. So get a grip and do what the Word said to do. I will post scriptures about money and what the Bible says about money each week. You had better read the Bible and do what it says and then your generation will be BLESSED.Why are [we] Black folks afraid to go after the money that’s owed to us? We fight strong for everything but for the debt that’s owed to us . . . like reparation, Black farmers’ lawsuit, the money due Blacks from the 1865 Treaty. Let’s take the same united front that we took for the murder of Travon [Martin] and the Jena Six Louisiana fight, get on the bus, hold rallies, press conferences, etc. Where are the fighting politicians and ministers when it comes to Black folks getting their money? Blacks have become an economic underclass, and this will become a permanent position unless we do something quick. We cannot change this economic status via just getting more education and working harder. Look at the current job situation, the increases in college tuition fees, business closure rates, and jobs that continue to be shifted to other countries.

In order for Blacks to come up from their dismal economic plight, we must demand the U.S. government pay us what they owe us. Money is not everything, but like following God and breathing oxygen, it’s next in priority. Check your bank account.

Thousands will die this year due to a lack of money to pay for medicine and/or medical expenses. Thousands will go to jail or prison due to a lack of money to pay for good legal representation, therefore leaving behind children who will enter the foster care system. Many times, these children will never be able to reconnect with their biological parents. Last but not least, there will be more divorces, more bedroom turmoil, and more will join the homelessness status—all because of a lack of money.

If you think it’s bad now, fast-forward to when these folks who divorce during these hard times reach age 65 (retirement age). If  Social Security is still intact, with the husband’s and wife’s check together, it will barely be enough to keep a roof over their heads, with nothing left for any form of recreational activities.

Let’s get real. Years back, many people had jobs that offered a good retirement plan. In Los Angeles and surrounding areas, there were jobs like: GMAC, Good Year Tire, and many large aircraft companies, etc. Many Blacks worked for the city, county, state, and federal government—however, take notice that as the Blacks retired from these institutions/agencies, they were not replaced with another Black person. Don’t take my word for it, go to any government building and look around and see who’s employed. You won’t see too many Black people, even in the courthouse.

What’s due Blacks from the 1865 treaty is more than money. It includes: free education, free medical care, ownership of casinos, land, and much more. Unlike others who have received their reparations, we have to fight to get what’s due us in the higher court systems. If and when we run out of money, the fight is over—and the system counts on us running out of money. We are in the Court of Appeal for the 1865 Black Indian Lawsuit, a lawsuit that has been funded by The Harvest Institute/Black Freedmen Foundation, and a few of  Dr. Claud Anderson’s friends. I pray that the funds do not run out because we have come too far to quit now. If you care to help, please send funds to The Harvest Institute, 623 Florida Ave. NW, Washington, D.C. 20001 or e-mail: [email protected].

In the county of Los Angeles, the numbers for Blacks is approximately 8.7 percent, Latinos 40 percent, with Whites 29.1 percent, and our business ownership and median income is far less than the other ethnic groups. With this being said, our only hope is to pull together in every way. There is no room for division. We are outnumbered in every way, numerically, in business ownership, and median household income. Therefore, it is critical now more than ever for Blacks to have a united front on economic issues.

Dr. Rosie Milligan, Internet Talk-Show Host, owner of Professional Business/Management Consulting Service, Estate Planner, author of Black America Faces Economic Crisis: Solutions Made Simple and Departing This Life Preparations: Everything You Need To Know. 1425 W. Manchester Avenue, Ste. B, Los Angeles, California 90047. Phone (323) 750-3592; e-mail [email protected]; Web site: www.Drrosie.com.