Young Buck*Young Buck can’t catch a break.

The former G-Unit member was kicked out of his own house due to his massive IRS debt. He currently owes $333,975.69 in unpaid taxes. Last week he was seen moving boxes out of his Tennessee mansion.

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But if that’s not enough, the rapper is going to jail for two months.

“I got to go to the penitentiary in like two months. F— with me for real, hold me down,” he said in a recent video interview.

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Buck didn’t say why he’s getting locked up. He was arrested in 2005 for gun possession and then again in 2007 for missing a court date related to a traffic violation.

“When I get out of the penitentiary, all you rap n—-s better get the f— out the way. I ain’t even gonna say no names, but it’s a good thing I’m about to go to the penitentiary,” he said.

Bye buck.