50 cent*Although 50 Cent’s acting abilities have yet to win the hearts of theatergoers, the multi-talented rapper said there’s a method to his madness.

In an interview, he explained that his straight to DVD films are hit. Here, he compares his strategy to the big boy studios:

“They’ll spend a $120 million on a film or a whole bunch of money making a film and then a whole bunch of money promoting it a year before it actually comes out, and the money they get back in theaters is just the money they spent… And then it goes to dvd and everything is profit there. Some of the movies I’ve done recently, I was financing and I’ve already seen a 60 percent return on what I’ve [been] involved with. They don’t understand, they’re looking at it and going, ‘Well, it went straight-to-dvd,’ and they don’t realize I’m gonna get another $800,000 off each one of these projects. You can sit there and say ‘It went straight-to-dvd’… my ass… They’ll try to figure a way to discredit whatever you do because I come from that. I have a lot, so I’m conditioned to the people who haven’t been through that and can’t get to the next level…”

Yeah, it’s true. He’s all about the money. Talent comes later. The haters can keep hating because 50 is going to keep cranking out the movies. In the meantime, he is building quite a rapport among his acting peers and audiences.