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*One of the many things that individuals to businesses try to find out about social media is to how accrue more fans.

Everyone on Twitter likes to talk about how many followers they have and people on Facebook do the same with likes.

Sometimes, it’s funny how people take these things so seriously.

Here is a list from our partner, Uptown Magazine, called “9 Humorous Ways to Increase Your Follower List.”

Here’s #1:

1. Trash the Lives of Celebrities and Non-Celebrities Alike

If you want to take your Facebook likes to the next level or see your Twitter followers join you for the sermon at the hashtag, watch every award show, every trashy television series, every TMZ update and then immediately GO IN on whatever celebrity presents a chance for a joke. Pay special attention to their waistlines and hairlines, as well as their weaves, outfits and speech patterns. Follow their tweets daily. Did you know there’s a police squad for that? Looking for some low hanging fruit? Find Tyrese.

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