Cee Lo Green and his cat Purrfect appear on "The Voice"

*Cee Lo Green’s plan to judge the third season of NBC’s “The Voice” accompanied by a cockatoo has already ruffled the feathers of an animal rights group concerned about the bird’s welfare.


The singer recently made it known that he’s retiring his season two companion, a cat named Purrfect, and will appear in the upcoming third season with a Moluccan cockatoo named Lady.  According to TMZ, the announcement had some bird activists worried because that particular species of bird is not only endangered but is said to make a terrible pet.

Monica Engrebretson, a rep for the animal rights organization Born Free, told the website that the stress from the show could cause the bird to self-mutilate.

“Moluccan cockatoos are beautiful, intelligent animals, but they are very challenging to care for especially in the long term, and are prone to considerable welfare problems,” she said. “Many parrot rescues are already filled to capacity with moluccans and other large parrots.”

Moluccan Cockatoo

Engrebretson said she is a fan of Green and is “glad that he appears to be an animal lover,” but she is asking him to choose another animal as his on-air pal.

“I encourage ‘The Voice’ to reconsider featuring a moluccan cockatoo or any bird as a ‘pet’ on the show and instead promote a more appropriate companion animal such as a dog,” she said. “Even better, they could feature a rescue dog or a dog in need of a home.”