saggin  *Blogger Chico Norwood has written a well thought out essay on young black men and what she thinks hip hop culture, and its negative effects, is doing to a good number of them.

It’s her belief that hip hop music in particular is making them unemployable and socially unacceptable for that matter. And when you hear of incidents like what allegedly happened between Chris Brown and Drake (and Meek Mill?), it’s hard to argue with her, although we’re sure she would get one from Uncle  Russell Simmons.

Check out what Chico has to say:

I was reading Dr. Boyce Watkins’ article entitled “Russell Simmons Defends Gwyneth’s Use of the N-Word….Don’t Do it Man” and two paragraphs in the article really jumped out at me:

“The difficult reality that Russell and other proud “n*ggas” in commercialized hip-hop must face is the fact that their music does little to elevate the masses, and only serves to make black boys think that it’s cool to stay high and drunk, have sex with everything that moves, kill each other on the street, disrespect black women and waste their money popping bottles at the club.

“The mouth full of gold teeth, tattoos up your neck and ten gold chains are nothing short of comedic exaggerations of the black male as a hyper-aggressive animal who will eat and murder other black men on sight.”

These two paragraphs really stuck out because it made me think about an article I read about high unemployment among African American men. According to the latest report from the United States Department of Labor, unemployment among African American men 20 years and older is 14.2 percent and 35.8 percent for black teenagers 16-19, higher than any other ethnic group. After reading Dr. Watkins’ article it doesn’t take much to understand why? And yet some want to blame President Obama.

Who wants to hire a black man who stays high and drunk, walks around in saggy pants with his underwear showing, can’t get to work on time because he’s up all night having sex with everything that moves, is hanging out on the streets all night looking to shoot or stab someone or popping bottles at the club.

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