michael jackson & barack obama*Depending on your point of view, you might think Jermaine Jackson is straight trippin’ because of his recent comments.

In an interview with a British news outlet, that posted today, Jermaine says President Barack Obama would not be taking up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., in Washington, DC had it not been for his late brother Michael.

Speaking to The Independent ahead of the third anniversary of his brother’s death today, Jermaine Jackson expressed his deep-seated disappointment at how his brother has been commemorated in America since his death in 2009. “I think America has let Michael down. If he was from any other country they would have erected permanent tributes to him for what he’s done for music.”

Instead, he said, the Jackson family remain locked in grief and still seeking closure on what really happened during Michael Jackson’s final hours. The singer died in a rented estate in California where he was preparing for a comeback tour. “The family still need to know who else came into the house that night. In time we might get answers but there will never be closure.”

Jermaine Jackson is currently on a US tour with his three brothers, the first since the 1984 Victory Tour. Speaking from a rehearsal in Burbank in California, he argued that it was brother that had paved the way for America’s first black president. Citing Michael Jackson’s interview with Oprah Winfrey in 1993; in which the singer conceded to suffering from Vitiligo, he claimed the admission had the combined effect of reiterating Jackson’s Afro-American heritage while propelling Winfrey to fame. Winfrey’s backing of Obama in the 2007 primaries is cited by some as the moment that secured his nomination as leader of the Democrats. “Michael invited her [to Neverland] and that was the moment that put her in 90 countries around the world and made her successful. What did she do with that success? She put it behind Obama.”

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