beyonce and kim kardashian*When Kim Kardashian first stepped into Kanye’s world, rumors quickly spread that she and Beyoncé were not going to get along. But maybe those folks were wrong.

The girls were spotted hanging and socializing at the Watch the Throne concert in England Friday night.

“Kim and Beyoncé were dancing all night! They even went into the mosh pit!” a source told Us Weekly. “It was the most hectic thing ever!”

The two were allegedly hanging at Beyoncé’s concert a little while back, but this is the first time a fan has been able to snap pictures of the pair together. Allegedly they appeared to genuinely enjoying each other’s company.

But there are skeptics out there. Everything in Kim’s life seems to be a staged drama. So some sources say the whole hang out was a set up to make them like each other.

“Kanye arranged a dinner in the hotel suite for the girls to clear the air,” the insider told The Sun. “He’s hoping that now they’re pals it will lead to further get-togethers away from the tour. Beyoncé has now welcomed Kim into the clan.”