big spence*If you’ve been wondering about actor Marcus Spence, better known to the acting community and his fans as Big Spence, well,  he’s having quite a busy 2012.

Currently, you can find him on set of “The Shop” which is being filmed in Oakland, CA.

“The Shop,” a Shawn Cunningham film, is about two friends and a wild adventure involving inheritance and stolen diamonds. This promises to be a film packed with action and humor.

Big Spence plays a gun toting, no holds barred henchmen that looks as though he is stuck in the 70s.

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Like we told you, Big Spence has been busy. in 2012 alone you can also find the actor on DVD’s such as “20 Year Old Virgins,” “Basketball 3:16” and most recently “Win By Fall.”

You can also catch him playing a crooked cop named Neal in the soap opera “Padamati Gaali” currently airing in India.  K

For more on Big Spence, check out his website: and/or his Facebook page.




Sue McGaughey
Publicist for Big Spence
[email protected]

Big Spence photo by: Jenani Photography