jay-z*Jay-Z has put on his business man hat and is making plans for his 40/40 Club.  He’s planning to open one in his other big investment,  the Barclay Center, Brooklyn’s new sports and culture arena. The club will be open during every sporting event and concert. It’s set to open on September 28th. Read/learn more at Vibe.

*Have you checked out Rihanna’s newest tattoo? It’s an an Egyptian falcon on her ankle. Here’s what she wrote about it via Twitter: “Falcon: a light that shines in the darkness! Never close their eyes during sleep.” Read/learn more at Punch Bowl.

*Usher says he had planned to collaborate with Amy Winehouse.  But of course the British singer is now dead.  “We met and we talked about it for a moment when I saw her. There were a few conversations that took place, but we never quite made it to it… I would have loved it,” he told MTV. Read/learn more at TGJ.