guille's dominican hair salon

Guille's Dominican Hair Salon

*One of the many discoveries African American women who move to New York have made is Dominican hair salons.

Many African American women swear by Dominican women and their salons so much so, that they have forced Dominicans to move across the country, open their own business and create their own communities outside of the East Coast where they mainly reside.

Many black women point to the affordability of Dominican salons.

In this column from our partner site, MadameNoire, the writer speaks about having to leave these salons as she moves out west.

Check out an excerpt below:

As I plan to make the move from New York City to my hometown in California, there’s one thing I can’t stop agonizing about: no, it’s not the great friends or the subways (that have spared me from anxieties related to car insurance or gas prices) that I’ll miss most. It’s really all about the Dominicans.

You see, they are important to my life. Ever since I moved to New York, the money and time I spend on my hair has been cut in half. By my own definition, that has greatly improved my quality of life. Less stress, less mess.

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