*Blue Ivy Carter won’t ever have to worry about any future passport issues in the town of Hvar, Croatia.


The daughter of Beyonce and Jay Z has been given honorary citizenship to the quiet tourist island after her parents took a late summer vacation there last year. That’s where photographers got their first shots of Beyonce’s baby bump as her husband relaxed on the shores of the Adriatic Sea.

In a video uploaded by the couple to Tumblr, Beyonce discusses walking past a tree covered in ivy, saying, “I think it’s blue ivy, which would be quite appropriate.”

The mayor of the island town is now thanking the couple for putting Hvar on the map by offering baby Blue honorary citizenship. In a letter to the couple, reported by the Dalmacija News, Mayor Pjerino Bebic wrote: “The story of the origin of your girl’s name, Blue Ivy, has brought huge media attention and great tourism promotion to the town of Hvar. I have decided to grant your daughter the status of honorary citizen of the town.”

Mayor Bebic also invited the couple to return to Hvar, which is considered to be the “sunniest town in Croatia.”