leolah brown*Here we go again.

The fact that the LA medical examiner and authorities did not rule Whitney Houston’s death suspicious or involving foul play, is not even remotely stopping Bobby Brown’s attention seeking sister, Leolah, from saying it was murder.

She goes even further in an interview with a website called HSK and says she knows the exact details of the events leading to the pop princess’ death, but she says she’s not giving up any further information until she gets paid.

Hmm, how’d we guess that?

And Leolah’s reasoning is that if Pat Houston – and others, such as  Raffles van Exel – can profit from Whitney Houston’s death, so can she.

“If Pat and them can get paid from Star and Enquirer magazines, so should I,” Brown tells HSK. “I can prove Whitney was murdered – I know what really happened.

And then she tells HSK to their face, “I’m not going to do the interview with you, because I need to get some money for my story. Put me in contact with Star and Enquirer, they pay. That’s the only way I’m talking.”

(You can insert the laugh track here. Actually, could insert anywhere with this story.)

We’ll just say this Leolah, if you had evidence that Whitney was murdered, you’ve would’ve already heard from the Star and Enquirer … and the DA.