Bradley & Pacquiao*Some question whether or not the fight was fixed or not, wondering if Manny Pacquiao really lost. But since the final result was a win for Timothy Bradley, he is now one of the most hated men in boxing.

Although this is the greatest win of his career, Bradley is dealing with a load of criticism and hatred.

That’s not the half of it.

He’s confined to a wheelchair because of his foot injury. On top of all that, he’s received death threats via Facebook, Twitter and even e-mail.

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The victory was indeed a controversial one. Many critics and fan agree that the win should have went to Pacquiao.

In an interview with Waddle and Silvy on ESPN Radio Chicago, the fighter talked about the aftermath, saying the victory is painful, between the injury and the fans’ responses.

“I’m the type of guy that likes to get around and I pretty much have to be in a wheelchair and I can’t walk on my ankle so that’s been a bit draining for me. I can’t do what I want to do and can’t spend time with my kids and that’s painful for me. Then also the whole criticism and everything in the media, I can’t really enjoy my victory. That sucks as well but it’s all good, it’s part of boxing. Right now I’m like the most hated fighter on the planet.”

He also sort of pleaded with listeners not to blame him for the results, mentioning the professionalism of the judges.

“I thought the fight was close after the fight. I wasn’t sure if I won it or not. I was like ‘I’m in Vegas and never know how the judges are going to judge it. I know the fight’s really close.’ My corner was telling me ‘you won the fight, you won the fight’ and that was the reason they raised me up after the fight. I felt that I won the fight.”

Check out the full interview here.