*Brandy says that her brother Ray J says he’s still struggling with the death of his on/off again flame Whitney Houston – not only because he misses her, but because he’s been the target of a lot of haters.


”It’s been really tough on him, just trying to get through it,” she told “Access Hollywood” of her brother’s grief. ”They were really, really good friends and some of the things that people have said about him, [have] really hurt him. Being the kind person that he is, the good guy that he, it’s just been tough for him to get through some of the things that have been going on.”

Brandy wouldn’t go into detail about the hate, but says her family has been supporting Ray to get him through it all – as well as offering to help Whitney’s 19-year-old daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

”We all come together as family,” said Brandy. “Family always makes you feel better and [gives you] a sense of comfort, so we’ve all been sticking together through this tough time for him, for me, for everyone around us that have been going through the same thing.’

”I’ve definitely expressed that to Bobbi Kris, and, you know, everything, just telling her that I’m here for her whenever she needs me.”