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*Dreams are the stuff of legend. Or rather great music for Brian Culbertson.

The result is the jazz musician’s latest album, appropriately titled “Dreams.” Speaking to EUR’s Lee Bailey, Culbertson mentioned how the effort was something he couldn’t resist after waking up with a unique blueprint for his 13th studio offering.

“I had really no feeling of going in to the studio at all. I was not ready to make a record. I wasn’t even thinking about it, but last July I literally started waking up remembering these kind of really vivid dreams that I was having. And they were, for the first time in my life, kind of compelling me to go out to the studio and create some music to kind of remember those emotions that were left over in that kind of foggy recollection of what just happened,” said the entertainer, who deemed the final product a “conceptual” offering that is “definitely different than all my other records.”

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Featuring appearances from Vivian Green, Noel Gourdin (“You’re My Music”) and Mint Condition frontman Stokley Williams (“No Limits”), “Dreams” continues what Culbertson started on his previous releases by integrating R&B in to his jazz arsenal. Among the album’s highlights are “Magdelena, a tune stemming from a dream the music maker had involving the pursuit of a woman he sees at a local festival in a small Spanish town and “In The City,” which centers on the “strange, odd feeling,” Culbertson experienced after dreaming of walking down the middle of a street in an unknown city without anyone around.

Overall, the instrumentalist encourages listeners to let themselves be taken away with what they hear on “Dreams.”

“That’s the idea behind this record,” Culbertson said. I want people to really get in to this orally a little bit more than, let’s say, some of my other records. Really close your eyes and listen and hopefully it can take you somewhere else out of your own reality. I think that’s what’s so cool about music, that it can do that.”

vivian green

Vivian Green

Not one to take sole credit, Culbertson credits Gourdin and Williams with helping him achieve his goal with “Dreams” as well as Green, who provides vocals for the album’s first single “Still Here.”

“That was the last song that we actually wrote for this record. I co-wrote that with Vivian,” he said, adding that the Rex Rideout-produced track did not suffer with its two collaborators being far from each other. “We actually didn’t even get together because our schedules did not align. She’s in Philadelphia. I’m in Los Angeles, but we definitely talked over the phone a lot. My idea was I was trying to create a really strong emotion. We just started bouncing back ideas over the phone and she really liked this idea of basically having a feeling, or almost a premonition, of staying with this particular person even though all the signs are pointing towards he’s gonna ditch you again like everybody else has. And all her girlfriends are telling her ‘Oh no. You need to bail on this guy.’ But there’s something compelling about him, almost like she, I don’t know, dreamt it was gonna work out. So she stays with this guy and it actually works out, which most of the time it doesn’t. So it’s kind of a happy ending.”

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With “Dreams” completed, Culbertson is looking forward to hitting the road to promote the 10-track opus. The music maker will be alongside David Sanborn for a joint tour this summer around the country.

“David and I are going out and doing roughly 30 days this summer together,” he said. “We’re going to be doing the Long Beach Jazz fest at the top of August,” said Culbertson. “David is definitely one my biggest musical influences as well. So it’s amazing for me just to be sharing the stage with him…It will be just the two of us. Basically, we’re basically bringing our bands together. It’s one super band to where I’m playing his music. He’s playing mine. In essence, he’s my sax player for the summer. So it’s amazing.”

Brian Culbertson’s “Dreams” was released yesterday, Tuesday (June 12).

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