chris bosh & allison matthis

Chris Bosh and Allison Matthis

*Earlier we reported that NBA/Miami Heat star Chris Bosh was denied by a Florida judge from taking his 3-year-old daughter, Trinity, out of the country to the Olympics in London in July.

Now comes word via Jose Lambiet’s Gossip Extra that Trinity’s mother, Allison Matthis, has applied for food stamps and is on the verge of losing her home to foreclosure. She recently lost her job at a construction company in the Orlando, Fl. area.

Matthis’ lawyer, Jane Carey, is now speaking out about the situation.

Carey talked publicly about the case for the first time today because, she says, she’s tired of the 28-year-old Bosh — who got married last year to Adrienne Bosh and recently celebrated the birth of their son.

For two years, the ball player has been battling Matthis in courts in Orange County (Florida), California and Texas on anything from child support to banning her appearance from VH-1’s Basketball Wives to how much time he spends with the child.

Things, however, have changed since Matthis lost her job.

Believe it or not, says Carey, Bosh pays her a mere $2,600-a-month in child support!

According to state guidelines, someone like Bosh whose yearly salary is in the $18 million-range should be paying about $30,000-a-month. So Carey asked a judge to adjust the child support.

Meanwhile, she says, Bosh shouldn’t be allowed to take a three-year-old to London for three weeks.

“My client just lost her job and applied for food stamps for her and Mr. Bosh’s daughter. She’s about to be foreclosed on, he won’t help her and all he wants to do is go to London with his daughter. Are (you) kidding?”

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