robin roberts*Tuesday morning, interview journalist Chris Yandek of and EURweb contributor sent his best wishes to Robin Roberts of Good Morning America.

Appearing on the Paul Gallo radio program which is heard across the entire state of Mississippi where Ms. Roberts is from, Chris sent support to Robin to get better soon and shared his experiences with her that are still important to him five years after their 2007 interview.

Ms. Roberts announced yesterday on Good Morning America that she is dealing with her second health challenge in five years called Myloplastic Syndrome. It’s a rare blood disorder that impacts the bone marrow. Robin said she would need a bone marrow transplant which she will receive from her sister. All media repots state she is expected to make a full recovery. Many will recall Robin’s first health battle in 2007 when she overcame breast cancer.

In a statement to EURweb, Chris Yandek said the following:

“To anyone who gets a chance to know this amazing woman even if it is for a short period of time would know how genuine and encouraging she is. I have never forgotten those words of encouragement when she said I would accomplish anything I desired in the media profession. She was more sure of my trajectory at the time than I was. Robin is a wonderful human being and I wish her a speedy recovery”

chris yandek

Chris Yandek

In 2007, Mr. Yandek did a wide ranging interview with Robin Roberts on her life and her new book at time From The Heart: Seven Rules to Live By. After the interview as Chris revealed this morning on the Paul Gallo show, Robin gave him supportive words that he would accomplish anything he desired in the media profession and those words have always stuck with him.

You can go back in time and listen and read the entire interview with Chris Yandek and Robin Roberts at