black babies*A church sign outside a small Baptist Church in Columbia, S.C., is attracting attention with a racially-charged accusation, reports the Huffington Post.

As WFMY News reports, the sign outside Macedonia Baptist Church reads:

“Ultimate Racism: Abortionists Target Black Babies.”

Patrick Dye is the pastor of the church; and while he is white, he said he feels it is his obligation to speak out on the issue.

“I cannot be silent and just say that’s somebody else’s problem or I’m not dark enough to care about that issue. I can’t do that,” he said. “This is the crime of America.”

The pastor points to a local Planned Parenthood clinic to make his point. There is a Planned Parenthood clinic on the edge of a predominately white neighborhood in Columbia, but still within walking distance of a black neighborhood, according to KLTV.

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