dave chappelle*Has Dave Chappelle lost his umpf?

The comedian had a hard time getting through his show in Austin, Texas Tuesday night because hecklers couldn’t help but interrupt the guy.

Chappelle booked the show only hours before the actual show time at the Paramount. Tickets sold out within minutes.

Since leaving the “Chappelle Show” in 2006, he’s stayed out of the spotlight and only performing in unpublicized events in big cities like New York and L.A.

Over the weekend, he performed in Dallas and received the respect any great comedian deserves. But in Austin, it was another story.

Comedian Paul Varghese opened the show and specifically asked the audience not to heckle Chappelle, citing his antics last year when he refused to tell jokes in Miami after being heckled and videotaped by fans.

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Upon arriving to the stage, the headliner couldn’t help but notice someone on the front row recording him, and even made comment that the reason he stopped doing shows is because fans seemed entitled to record his standup.

That’s when it all started. Audience members began to yell at Chappelle, making rude comments. But this time, it didn’t stop the performance. He somehow made it part of his fuel to keep going.

Laugh Spin, a comedy review website wrote …

Because Dave acknowledged the hecklers, but didn’t take the “iron fist” approach some comedians tend to take with hecklers to shut them down, the show spiraled and the crowd got the wrong idea that Dave (not to mention the polite majority of the audience who were just there to see a set from the comedian) welcomed an audience participation aspect to the show.

Sources from the crowd had different opinions on the show. Some claimed to have been disappointed by the show before the heckling began, saying Chappelle didn’t seem to have much material planned, leaned on crowd work and didn’t deliver a set with enough momentum to hold their attention. Others were just fine with Dave’s set and blame the few members of the crowd who heckled the comedian to have thrown the show off. Either way, though, you know how we feel. It’s never, ever cool to heckle a comedian.

Hmm, wish we could get our hands on that video.