Julius Erving *Good grief, what’s up with Julius “Dr. J” Erving. Unfortunately, he’s coming off as kinda trifling lately.

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It seems the world renown, legendary b-baller didn’t bother to respond to a lawsuit claiming he defaulted on a giant loan. That means he’s he’s lost the case and has been ordered to pay up,  so says TMZ.

According to documents filed in Georgia, the NBA legend took out a loan in 2009 from Georgia Primary Bank. The original loan was for $1,000,000 and Erving had an outstanding balance of $210,705.71 … which was never paid.

The bank made repeated requests for the balance and when they went ignored … they filed a lawsuit in October 2011.

The lawsuit went ignored as well and a Georgia court ordered Erving to fork over $230,286.86 — the original balance, plus $19,581.15 in interest.

At deadline time, calls to Erving’s legal reps were not returned.