*The incident between Drake and Chris Brown at a New York City nightclub last night has become national news.

The reason for the fight: singer Rihanna.


Both have had relationships with the singer and both seem to still hold some feelings for the singer. But did we ever think violence would come of these two dealing with the woman?

Dr. Boyce Watkins is shocked that a fight occurred and says that only punks fight over girls.

Check out an excerpt from his piece:

I read with interest a story about the fight between Chris Brown and Drake that took place this week.  The battle involved bottles being thrown and one even busted the head of some poor woman who likely had no idea what she was getting into.  ”Boondocks” creator Aaron McGruder has a name for these instances.  He calls them “N*gga moments,” where otherwise rational African American men get involved in a clearly avoidable confrontation over something really stupid.

So, here we have two perennial alpha males with enough swag and money to choke a horse, risking their freedom, their careers and their lives to fight over a woman who seems to want everyone to believe that her body is for public viewership.  I dare say that Rihanna won’t end up being the mother of their kids or anything significant enough for them to put it all on the line defending her honor.  They’ve merely had the honor of being her boy toys.

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