*When the Twitter-sphere began spreading word that author Erica Kennedy had died, many on the Internet were deeply saddened by the news.

When we found out that the cause of death may have been depression, it shocked us even more.

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In a piece on our partner site, Essence.com, Vanessa K. Bush wrote about the one thing we can learn from the famed author’s death.

Here’s an excerpt:

On Friday afternoon I learned of the death of Erica Kennedy, author of Bling and all-around beautiful Black feminista rock star. When I received the email, I immediately thought, “Was she sick? Was it cancer? How can someone so young and full of life be gone?” Later on that night, as I checked my Facebook news stream, and according to those who knew her best, she had been suffering from depression.

As I read the postings, stinging tears streamed down.

I understood her pain.

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