flo rida*Rapper Flo Rida straight up lied tom the court and got caught and now he’s got to pay the piper which in this case is a judge who’s ordering him to cough up $7k for his deceitful ways, says TMZ.

If you recall, Flo is being sued by his former assistant Mahogany Miller — who claims he worked her to the bone for a measly $3.08 / hour and then fired her when she complained  — which Flo’s told us was BS … alleging she was just an unpaid intern.

Problem is, Flo originally didn’t respond to the suit in time and later told a judge it was because he was never served papers — claiming they went to a woman named Stephany Nelson, whom he didn’t know — and the address listed for him was incorrect.

Turns out, his excuses were big, fat LIES … Flo later copped to the address originally listed and admitted that Nelson was actually an employee of his.  In other words, his original statements were total fabrications.

Caught red-handed, the judge said the rapper’s deception was “premeditated” and ordered him to pay Mahogany $7k for her attorney fees.

The rest of the case is still ongoing.