gabby douglas*Gymnastics is going to be a beautifully stunning event this coming Olympic games as 16-year-old Gabby Douglas garners support from across the nation to be picked to represent the U.S.

Following in the footsteps of Dominique Dawes, Douglas has been dubbed the flying squirrel for her graceful movements and charming personality.

Critics and fans are looking to Douglas to carry the torch of the next big Olympic star, not to mention she’s the black community’s next Olympic heroine.

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Although she’s a crowd pleaser now, the athlete says she was once a bit bashful.

“I used to be sooo shy,” she said with a giggle. “Now I’m like, ‘Lah, lah, lah. Lah, lah, lah. … I’m just ready to go out there and perform. I’m so ready to take on this journey.”

And what a journey it will be.