*With today being Father’s Day, many young teenagers and children in the African American community are growing up in fatherless households.

But there are also many examples of young fathers out there doing great by their sons, daughters and wives and girlfriends. We have to applaud them.


And then you have the older generation who grew up without a father.

In the case of Terrell Jermaine-Starr, he didn’t know his father but surprisingly, his dad didn’t know about him either.

Here’s an excerpt from a heartwarming article about the two finding each other:

I lived most of my life without knowing who my father was. And, quite frankly, never thought I’d ever need to know him until I became mired in long-term unemployment, bouts of depression, and an uncomfortable period navigating through New York City’s welfare system.

When I was at the weakest point in my life, the man who I thought I would never need or meet became my lifeline, and the thing is, it all happened through this great invention called “Facebook.”

At the time, a good friend of mine in the country of Moldova found her son via Facebook, so that made me curious enough to use the same method to find my father. I wasn’t thinking anyone would reply quite frankly. I mean, how many men in their 50s would respond kindly to a Facebook message suggesting that they had a 29-year-old son he had never met?

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