Hollywood Exes*Wednesday night was the premiere of the so controversial new VH1 series, “Hollywood Exes.”

The show stars the former wives of Will Smith, Eddie Murphy and R. Kelly.

Nicole Murphy told the Daily Beast that when she was first approached with the idea of starring in a reality show about exes, it was a bit of a shock.

“I was kinda surprised by his call about a show like this, but then again, we are family,” Nicole Murphy said. “I’d been offered the chance to do so many reality shows over the years that I’m not sure I would have listened if it hadn’t been [my former brother-in-law].’’

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The show documents the lives of women who used to be married to famous men in Hollywood. The five women also spoke passionately about inspiring other divorced women and showing them that there is life after the war.

The hour-long show stars Sheree Fletcher (Will Smith’s ex), Andrea Kelly (singer R. Kelly’s ex), Jessica Canseco (baseball player Jose Canseco’s ex) and Mayte Garcia (Prince’s ex) and airs Wednesdays on VH1.

Meanwhile, “Single Ladies” star LisaRaye checked out the first episode of “Hollywood Exes” and wasn’t impressed. She took to Twitter to speak her mind: “For real??…Another show with fighting, scrapping, throwing….WTF man. Say it aint so HOLLYWOOD exes.”

Other than LisaRaye being seen as living in a glass house and throwing stones, you have to wonder how that comment is gonna go over with the suits at VH1, which of course produces “Single Ladies” and “Hollywood Exes.”

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