janet jackson*Some women (and men) are obsessed with their weight and at every chance, get on the scale.

But superstar Janet Jackson doesn’t have that problem. The singer admitted her weight has been something like a yoyo, but she does not step on that scale.

“I don’t know how much weight I’ve lost, only because I stay away from the scale,” Jackson told PEOPLE at Marco Glavianos “Supermodels” exhibit in New York recently.
“I don’t think [stepping on the scale] is healthy. You’re setting yourself up to fail and women’s bodies fluctuate every month – certain time of the month in particular – we bloat a great deal,” she said.

And 46 never looked better. As the new spokeswoman for NutriSystem, the performer is impressed with the product, saying it really worked for her.

Unlike many celebrity-endorsed diets, she could eat the things she loves and doesn’t have to starve.

On top of a healthy food regimen, she works out on a regular basis, switching up her activities.

“If I’m getting ready for something like a tour, I work out six days a week. I like to switch it up. I may go for a run or bike,” she said.