lebron james

LeBron James makes it to the 2012 NBA Finals against Oklahoma Thunder.

*The NBA Finals are on and people on Facebook, Twitter, and other social outlets are losing their ever loving minds.

The Oklahoma Thunder are in a bitter battle with the Miami Heat and last night, Miami turned it up. With the wins being even, some are guesstimating an outcome already and what it would mean for LeBron James.

Fox Sports’ Jen Floyd Engel is one of James’ detractors that are still harping on his decision to walk away from Cleveland.

Her “if he hadda stayed” spill is antiquated and losing luster as he comes through the Finals for the SECOND time since being with the Heat.

Some may say close, but no cigar, but not Cleveland. Some, like Engel, may forget that with James at the helm, the Cavs made it to the NBA Finals in 2007, for the first time in their franchise history. (more…)