jill scott*Jill Scott’s got a new project on her hands.

The artist is a part of Hidden Beach’s new remix compilation series entitled, “Crates: Remix Fundamentals.”

The singer’s best HB hits  (all of em are) are being remixed with some of the best DJ and producer beats.

Jill Scott’s original vocals were paired with some of music’s most influential DJs and Producer/Remixers including Ron Trent, Ca$e Boogie, and Mr. Mig transforming her soulful vocals to be enjoyed by new audiences worldwide. DJ Jazzy Jeff, the architect of Scott’s multi-platinum debut “Who Is Jill Scott?” was the only producer to work directly with the singer. His Jazzy Jeff Redux of “A Long Walk” appears for the first time on album on Vol 1.

The mixtape will be available June 26.


1.    Can’t Explain (The Ca$e Boogie Mix)
2.    Bedda At Home (The Rivera Mix)
3.    Talk To Me (The 314 Mix)
4.    Whatever (The Mr. Mig Powerful Love Radio Edit)
5.    Spring Summer Feeling (The Ron Trent Mix)
6.    Come See Me (The B-Sharp Clubin Mix)
7.    Slowly Surely (The Teddy Vee Remix)
8.    Golden (B-Sharp Afro Centric Mix)
9.    Brotha (The Inferno Mix)
10.   A Long Walk (The Jazzy Jeff Redux)
11.   Love Rain (The Key West Mix)

Check out www.cratesremix.com for more info.