joe williams*(Via Journalisms) – Joseph Williams, the Politico reporter whose comments and tweets about Mitt Romney led last week to a suspension, is leaving the publication.

His exit provides a cautionary tale about how “a tiny group of organizations with Internet access, a money pipeline and next to no credibility can coerce powerful, independent news organizations that pride themselves on speaking truth to power,” Williams wrote just before Saturday’s announcement.

After some cordial discussions, Joe Williams and I mutually decided that the best step for him is to begin a transition to the next phase of his career,” Politico editor-in-chief John Harris wrote in a memo to staff, sent early Saturday morning,” Dylan Byers reported for Politico.

” ‘Joe is an experienced and respected journalist, with keen insights into politics. After nearly 30 years in the business, he has the authority and is ready to give voice to his insights and conclusions in a new setting.’

Williams called out his tormenters in a piece he submitted to in which he writes that “. . . Rather than inform the public or operate as a legitimate check on the media, pointing out gaps in newsroom diversity or errors in coverage, members of the [right-wing news media] only care about their agenda: harassing, undermining, discrediting and embarrassing people who don’t agree with their view of the world.”

The parting of the ways makes for a sad ending to a two-year stint that began in 2010 as Politico tried to address its reputation as a fast-moving sweatshop that paid little attention to diversity concerns.

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