joseline hernandez (naked edit)*Boy oh boy oh boy, have we got a controversy working on the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” show?

We’re talking about Miss Joseline Hernandez or is it Mr. Hernandez? Yes, that’s what it boils down to in a nutshell. Is she a he?

Well Hernandez says she’s most  definitely a she and last night set out to prove all you “F-n” haters wrong for ever doubting she is all woman.

Hernandez, a former “stripper”artist,” Tweeted  out a bucky naked pic of herself that proved to some that she’s 100 female.

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However, because of her super surgically enhanced chest it only caused others to believe what they were already thinking.

Maybe it’s out eyes, but there’s something black in the crotch region that’s you can’t help but notice and wonder about.

We of course are a family outlet and can’t show you Hernandez in the buff. 😉  But we’re more than happy to point you in the right direction which is

We hope they paid their server bill, cause it’s gonna get a good workout as long as that photo is up.

joseline hernandez  (naked edited)See UNedited photo HERE.