Kanye West heads to his home in SoHo, New York on June 24, 2012

*The British press had a field day detailing Kanye West’s every move during his recent trip to the UK.


According to one report in the Daily Mirror, Ye spent 8,000 pounds on a private jet to fly just 84 miles (from Doncaster to Birmingham), then, hopped in a Mercedes at Birmingham Airport to travel to the Hyatt hotel where he stayed in the £1,100-a-night Presidential Suite.

A source told the paper: ”He wasn’t too enamored with Doncaster and wanted to get out of the town and into Birmingham as quickly as possible – this meant by jet.”

The report also said Kanye requested two dozen white roses for his girlfriend Kim Kardashian to enjoy in the suite, but they had to be cut one inch above the top of the vase due to his ”deep hatred of dying flowers drooping.” Additionally, he ordered 50 white chocolate bars for the pair to indulge in.

The insider added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: ”That evening he purchased two bottles of tequila, two Disaronno and two bottles of vodka. He was very generous though and was dishing out to all his entourage.”