kevin durant & mother wanda*If you’ve paid any attention to the NBA playoffs, you couldn’t have missed Kevin Durant hug and kiss his mother who stands faithfully on the sidelines, cheering on her son.

Wanda Pratt told ESPN recently that she thinks her son could go down in history as the best baller in NBA history.

At only 23-years-young, Durant has certainly shown himself worthy of remarkable praise since he’s led the Oklahoma City Thunder this far. But the best player? Some would have to ponder that one. After all, there’s this guy named LeBron James who’s only won the NVP crown three years in a row. But then again, as well know from game one of the Finals Monday night, young Mr. Durant ain’t even remotely scurred of King James. Oh yeah, did we mention that he’s been named the league’s scoring champ 3 years in a row, too.

Anywho, besides all that, the maturing basketball star and his mother are very close. During his rookie year, his mother moved in with him and he didn’t mind.

“She can make me a better person and make the transition easier,” he said at the time, “so why not?”

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Like the supportive mother she is, she, like a lot of folks,  see a championship win in the future for OKC.

When pressed on how many games the Thunder would need, she would only answer, “As many as they need to (win).”

Durant and teammate Russell Westbrook have received attention for their post-game attire. Durant, toting his backpack, sports a look that has been called “geek chic” and “nerd swag.”

His mother approves, telling him: ”Finally, I wanted you to dress like this from the beginning.”

As far as her son’s appearance, she’s proud of his new look that’s been called “geek chic.”

As for Westbrook, who has worn some unusual shirts to his press conferences …

“The shirts, I think they work for him,” she said.

Game 2 of the 2012 NBA Finals is tonight at Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City.