kim kardashian & kanye west*The  high profile relationship known as “KimYe” keeps on getting extra press as people outside still seem puzzled by it.

They have neither confirmed nor denied whether they’re official, but we all know what’s up.

A lot of people think Kim is a bad match for Kanye. Aside from that, a lot of people think Kim is a bad match for any man.

But a Loop 21 writer believes there are 6 reasons why these two are meant for each other. Check out this excerpt:

1. Serial Monogamists

Let’s face it, based on some of Kanye’s lyrics, and various interviews and conversations that Kim has had about her love life, it’s obvious that they’re both hopeless romantics who can’t seem to stay in their “long term” relationships for good. Maybe they’ll hit a home run this time.

2. Attention Whores

This is pretty self-explanatory, but they both love the spotlight, and anyone who dates either of these kids is in for a serious invasion of privacy, which can be unnerving. But they’re both used to it and always know what to expect, like how to deal with paparazzi accordingly, i.e. posing and pretending they didn’t know they were going to be presented with photo opps.

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