kimberly elise*Actress Kimberly Elise is switching up her role and has taken on the task of becoming a rowdy lady from the 1900s in a new Hallmark film, “Hannah’s Law.”

The film, airing this Saturday (8pm ET/PT, 7pm C), also stars Danny Glover, who plays famed outlaw Isom Dart, the main character’s father figure.

Elise plays Hannah’s best friend and historical figure, Stagecoach Mary (pictured below).

“I’m really happy that an African-American historical character was included in the piece,” Kimberly told S2S.  “I think it’s important for us to remember that we were a part of this country in many, many capacities. My character was born a slave and she became an entrepreneur.”

Stagecoach Mary was a U.S. mail carrier known for delivering packages to remote locations in some of the most challenging conditions.

“She was one of our few, if only, known Black female cowgirls. And I think it’s awesome that the filmmakers included her in this story along with Wyatt Earp, who’s had a million movies made, and Doc Holliday. And that Stagecoach Mary is standing there amongst them in a very powerful way.”

kimberly elise