kris humphries & myla sinanaj

Kris Humphries & Myla Sinanaj

*One the one hand it looks like his female problems continue.

On the other hand it seems Kris Humphries ain’t having it when it comes to extortion.

The New Jersey Nets player and estranged husband of Kim Kardashian had his lawyers contact FBI agents Friday. According to TMZ, he’s claiming his now ex-jump-off, Myla Sinanaj, tried to extort him by demanding a large sum of money, or else she’d release damaging information about their relationship to the media.

As we first reported, lawyers for Kris and Myla were jawboning Friday …  Kris’ lawyers were trying to get her to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

As for why they want to muzzle her, sources connected with Myla say she has emails, texts and other documents chronicling their relationship that could hurt Kris if they became public.

Sources connected with Kris say  … Myla threatened that if she didn’t get money she would “ruin” Kris. We’re told the two sides could not reach an agreement, and that’s when Kris’ people decided to take it to the FBI.

Our Kris sources would not say whether the alleged extortion was in person, over the phone, via email or text, but we’re told it is in some electronic form that would give the FBI jurisdiction to investigate the extortion allegation.

So far, no response from Myla Sinanaj. No surprise there.