*A lawyer for the woman romantically linked to Kris Humphries claims the NBA star is accusing her of running a whore house out of the New York hotel where she is employed, and has had sex with hotel guests, according to TMZ.

Joe Tacopina, an attorney for Fatmire “Myla” Sinanaj, tells TMZ that Kris and his lawyer have been on a search and destroy mission against his client, trying to hide the fact that they have been in a relationship for five months.

Tacopina says Kris’ lawyer called the hotel manager last week and made the claims. Tacopina believes Kris and his lawyer wanted to get Myla fired, to make a point that she had better shut her mouth about her relationship with Kris … or else.

According to TMZ, hotel management investigated and quickly determined the allegations were baseless. Tacopina says a defamation case against Kris now looms large, and he had better apologize quickly for what he says is shameful, vindictive conduct.

But a source connected with Kris tells TMZ, “He will not be apologizing.”