lawrence taylor*Former NFL/New York Giants linebacker all-star Lawrence Taylor’s Super Bowl XXV ring went up for auction after losing a deal with current Giants defensive end, Osi Umenyiora.

Umenyiora had vowed to buy LT’s ring and return it to him if he was able to reach 500,000 followers on Twitter. Umenyiora fell far short of his goal. His account, @osiumenyiora, had just over 55,000 followers by the Saturday night deadline.

When Umenyiora saw the final sale price, he tweeted, “Yikes! I guess the 450,000 let me off the hook!”

Why didn’t he buy the ring in the first place? Umenyiora said it was because he didn’t know Taylor personally.

“If im going to spend that kind of money, it will be because people love him and show it,” he tweeted.

Taylor’s son put the ring up for auction. But the Hall of Famer had no prior knowledge of the ring sale, however supported his son’s decision.

SPC auctions didn’t announce the winning name. The high bid was $192,001 and came after a flurry of late-night action. When the buyer’s commission was added, the price rose to $230,401.20.