lebron james*Dr. Boyce Watkins wrote apiece over at NewsOne on how LeBron James’ recent NBA  Finals performance is something that can be used as an example for all young black men.

He say he was “reminded that great accomplishments are merely displays and reflections of what you are made of.  It’s kind of a show and tell, letting the world know whether you’re a man on the inside or just one of the other nameless, faceless people who talk a good game.  That’s where LeBron showed and proved.”

In other words, here are a few (5) things that black men can learn from the recent achievements of LeBron James:

1)     Hard work always pays off

Unfortunately, commercialized hip-hop culture teaches young black men that life is just a big party, where you stay high and drunk, running from club to club, woman to woman without a care in the world.  What they don’t tell you is that the men who think like bosses aren’t wasting their time with all that stupid sh*t.  Instead, they are grinding each day, burning the midnight oil, busting their butts to become something special in this world.  It doesn’t mean you can’t stop and enjoy the spoils of your success every now and then, but you’ll never get anywhere in life by being lazy, for the man who gets the glory is the one willing to go the extra mile.

2)      Consistency is the key to being great at anything

NBA seasons are long, grueling and dull.  LeBron played over 100 games this year, and in the midst of such a long journey to the title, it’s easy to get bored and distracted.  But when it comes to being successful at anything, consistency is always the key.  In my opinion, your life is ultimately defined by what you’re going to be doing in the next six hours.  If you have a dream or goal and aren’t going to be doing anything to achieve that goal within the next six hours, I pretty much write off your dream is being the jibber-jabber fantasy of an immature and unrealistic mind.

Your life, outcomes and legacy are not defined by what you coulda-woulda-shoulda done.  They are defined by what you do on a day-to-day basis.

3)      Always face your limitations and obstacles head-up

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