lenny williams*EURweb’s Black Music Month Artist Spotlight casts a glow of approval on Lenny Williams, a man who is “Still In The Game.” 

Lenny’s unforgettable voice is the signature sound of “So Very Hard To Go” from his days with Tower Of Power, and the soul classic “Cause I Love You” from Lenny’s solo album.

Lenny Williams’ new single is titled “Still” and he’s delighting fans old and new. Lenny Williams is the past, present and future of African American music, and our appreciation grows for him, not only this month but for always.  Any purchase of Lenny Williams’ music is a worthwhile investment, his voice is one of soul music’s natural treasures.

“Love is what has gotten me through all of these years.  I look for love and I surround myself with it. When it comes to singing love songs, one must go there, to know there. ” – Lenny Williams

Check out Lenny Williams’ super soulful and smoothed out new jam called “Still”:


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