monica cost

Monica Cost

As I watched Ann Curry’s tearful goodbye on The Today Show, and after having a heartfelt moment of compassion for her, I thought to myself, that’s exactly what comfort looks like. I don’t say that to be insensitive, but rather to address a truth about change, which is the one constant thing in this life. I did feel for Ann, as this departure seemed  to have been a surprise to both viewers and to Ann.

Change is coming. Whether it be the loss of a job, a loved one, all of your humanly possessions due to a natural disaster, a relationship or something else that gave you stability and comfort, none of it is guaranteed, even when it’s good. So, what do we do? My advice, stay present. Enjoy the moment. Pay attention. Find balance. Each day that we wake up, see the people we love, go to a job we want or need, take a deep breath, and experience other life aspects, it’s a gift.

People often give the advice, not to take things or people for granted and the person being told will usually say something like, “oh, absolutely” or “I’m so incredibly grateful” or “yes, I don’t take anything for granted. I count my blessings”. Unfortunately, for many, it’s more of a thing to say than a belief in their hearts. And, understandably so. Comfortable is is comfortable. Who doesn’t like a little stability every now and again?

It is very easy to get caught up in life’s comfy cozy routine and to lose sight of the possibility that life may summon us to another place without notice.  It reminds me of when NBA players get traded. Depending on the player and his situation, the fans are in uproar and the player feels betrayed. Each time life serves us up a nice full plate of change, we have a few options. One is to take the plate and hurl it against the wall thus bucking the entire thing only to have it served up again. This is called denial. Or, we can taste it and give it a chance, only to find out that it we actually like it, or we hate it, or we will tolerate it because we must. The one option we don’t have is to prevent it.

Here’s my point. A change gon’ come. That is for certain. How we decide to handle that change will have everything to do with how we cope with that change. Experiencing emotion after change is healthy. The goal is to begin to look forward in the midst of the change to see what positive outcomes may come from it. In Ann Curry’s case, she may very well like the new “fancy title” they gave her, as she put it. Or, she may use this time to do a little soul searching on what this next season of life has to offer. She mentioned loving to bring stories to the viewers. And, she did so, successfully, for the last 15 years on The Today Show. I can imagine that there are many opportunities that await her in this next phase.

Change, no matter how small or big, can propel us into a new and higher level of self awareness, as well as a new and exciting way of life that we never before imagined.

A change is gonna come. Be flexible. Be open. Be honest. Be true.

Monica Cost is the Founder of Evidently Assured brand strategy firm and the Live Your Truth Experience (L.Y.T.E.). She is the Author of the new life changing book on living an authentic life called, “The Things I Used to do to Sneeze!: How to live an authentic life with awesome sensations.”  Email her at:  [email protected]. Follow her via Twitter: @monicacost and